Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back to the Daily 5

I finished reading the book today! I made myself read it now so that I could have next month to plan. I am wondering though, how to fit my school's adopted reading program into the daily 5. Any of you use both? Can any of you share your schedule? I am really excited to use the daily 5 in my classroom, but also am struggling with HOW to do it.


  1. I'm in your shoes too. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Little Treasures

  2. will post back later today but I WILL share my schedule...

  3. I have 30 minute of reading at a different time. We do Guided Reading while the kids are during Daily 5, since D5 is a management tool rather than a reading program! :) My kids only do 3 centers a day since we have an hour blocked out for Guided Reading. They do them in a rotation like centers, which they pick in the morning. I don't stop to do the checking in or teach the lessons between each center, since I am doing GR.

  4. I am in the same situation, and am eager to see what others have to say.

  5. I teach 3rd, but have done the Daily Five {with slight changes for my way} in 2nd grade inclusion and 4th grade Bi-lingual classes.
    I love our districts Reading Series because I feel that many PROFESSIONALS were paid to put it together and MAKE SURE all the FCAT Skills {Florida's Testing} are it or not, standardize testing is here to stay. But I also adore the Daily Five ~ it gives me the flexibility to meet with each reading group daily & hold Writer's Workshop conferences with each child well as time to remediate the lowest of lows.
    My first mini-lesson is at the start of my Reading block and it is spelling/phonics/grammar each day for 15 mins. It comes directly out of our Reading Series.
    Then we rotate for our first 3 slots...I don't do a mini-lesson between them. We just go to our seats and select where we want to go takes a while to 'train' them, but my 18 could tell me where they wanted to go in less than 2 minutes flat! During those three rotations I see each small reading group, I call that time with me "Read to Self" While each group is with me the others are:
    Reading to Others: M ~ Intro Story in Series T & W ~ Reading Series Story Th ~ Any past Reading Series Story (makes them read and reread weekly) F ~ FREE Read [AR Books}
    Listening to Other: {computer in our room} M ~ Intro Story in Series T ~ Reading Series Story W ~ Past Story in Reading Series Th & F ~ Tumblebooks or Florida Reads..any online stories that is linked from our school web site.
    Writing: Writer's Workshop model & Friday is some type of writing center card from TPT...they love Sunny in Second Grade's Stuff!
    Word Work: {remember I'm 3rd, so they need more FCAT skills than "Rainbow Words" in magic markers} All worksheets come from the series and relate to spelling, vocabulary, grammar, etc. M ~ 2 spelling worksheets, T ~ 2 grammar worksheets, W ~ 2 vocab. worksheets {workbook pages in our series} Th ~ 2 spelling worksheets to prepare for test on Fri. F ~ Fun stuff...usually work searches or more writing center stuff from Sunny in Second Grade.
    Now that the FCAT is over, I'm able to make Writing and Work Work be used for some art activities which are wonderful for following directions and the kids are beyond HAPPY to get more "fun" stuff to do!
    Continue on next post...

  6. Then after 95 minutes we have to stop and go to Success Maker lab. When we return I do my second mini-lesson which comes from the Reading Series or my own personal materials from Writer's Workshop and Thinking Maps. It is on the writing process and typing in all our spelling/vocab/grammar for the week.
    Then the children continue to the last two rotations and I hold individual writing conferences which I assign like the CAFE book from the same authors as the Daily Five... {The Sisters} By assigning them weekly it holds me accountable and I don't wander off doing some task or chore, I meet with every child twice a week and the lower ones sometime more.
    NOW....when do I teach the other stuff? The FCAT skills? I do that in the first three small groups, that ways it is level based. I'm doing the FCAT reading skill of the week, but my high group gets more, my low group gets it watered down. It is differentiation at it's finest! I taught Gifted for 3 years and then moved to Texas and taught ESE inclusion, both really helped me understand the importance of differentiation and how it now only helps the child, but also the RTI process documentation. It may sound like I'm toooooo planned out having each thing planned out too much, but my students love it and again, it holds me accountable...I know everyone is getting everything they need weekly! I received my best evaluations in the last 22 years this year and my principal came during the Daily Five & then in math which I do the same small group rotation....she then had Title I and ESE people from the district come works & your kids will be so engaged the behavior problems are little to none!
    This summer I will be updating my blog with Daily Five items...right now I have some pictures of my students..they are so engaged they didn't know I was taking pictures! ☺
    Good luck!

  7. Wow, Fern! Thanks for explaining in such DETAIL! I will be reading it again and taking notes. I have all of next month to figure it out and this really helps. Thank you so much for taking the time =)

  8. ok so I have attempted a few times to post today...non of which looked good enough or detailed enough...IF you or anyone would like a detailed version and master copies of schedule and forms we found useful just email me...