Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Website Links HELP!

Hi All!

A week or so ago one of you awesome teachers created a list of links with the help of the great blogging teachers out there. The problem is that I thought I saved it. Now that I want to refer back to it, I can't find it. Can one of you awesome friends help me.....PLEASE?!?!?

Mrs. Ibarra

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Author Study

Ok. So this year I started an Author Study but it only lasted for a few months. After reading Debi's post about her Poetry Journal Scrapbook at Just 4 Teachers I was inspired to plan out an author study that correlates to Treasures Reading. The author chosen for Start Smart and Unit 2 do not correlate with Treasures. I didn't find an author in those two units that I thought I wanted to focus on. So for Start Smart, I chose David Shannon because we use his book "David Goes to School" to talk about rules. So it correlates with our Social Studies Unit. For Unit 2 I chose Leo Lionni because he is one of my favorites and I have tons of books by him.

Let's hope this link works. Author Schedule

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Treasures 2011 k 6 scope and sequence

Check out this SlideShare Presentation if you use CA Treasures

Another Giveaway

Hey all!

Head over to Building Blocks for a chance to win $25 in gift cards. And get a chance to look at her blog.

Classroom Photos Linky Party

Just wanted to thank ALL of you that participated in the Linky Party. I sure did have a great time looking at your pictures and am ready to implement some great things I saw when I return to school in 1 1/2 weeks. And as soon as my room is "SET UP" again, I will share pictures of my "nest" and what my room looks like. As I mentioned, my classroom hardly ever looks the same. Plus I will be in the "other" room. I am in one room for 2 months, have vacation, and then return into the room next door. Yeah! So much! It helps me to keep my room and closets somewhat organized...or at least I try.

Always First Grade

Monday, March 14, 2011

Awesome Giveaway!

You must head over to What the Teacher Wants! for a chance to win a $100.00 gift certificate to the Container Store. What teacher wouldn't love that! Now go!

100+ Followers!

Woo hoo! I didn't even notice when I hit 100 followers. It was sometime today. I could have sworn I was at 93 this morning. Anyway, I am SUPER excited. Thank you all! I am absolutely OBSESSED with all of you blogs. It is so much fun to see the great things WE are all doing. Everyday I find something new I want to try.

Mrs. Ibarra

Always First Grade

Friday, March 11, 2011

Classroom Photos Linky Party

Hey All,

I thought it would be fun to share our classroom photos.  To join this Linky Party, just post a pic or more of your classroom and tell about them. I work at a charter school that is currently year round. We have a modified concept 6 calendar which means I am on 2 months and off 1. Every time I go "off-track" I have to clean up my room so that the teacher coming in can set it the way she wants to. This mean that my room hardly ever looks the SAME. Here are a few pictures what my rooms have looked like....

This was my door on the first day of school. Every time I go back "on track" I make a new door display. 

This is our meeting/calendar area. I use Saxon math. 
On the bottom left side you can see a blue basket. The basket is full of puppets and stuffed animals. The kids use them as reading buddies. 
The long blue chart you see on the board is where I keep table points. The little red thing underneath holds the circle did-cuts. I got it at the Dollar Tree. I love it because it is magnetic. They had two different sizes. I use them for lots of stuff.  

These are SOME of my personal books I use as our classroom library. If you notice, there is a green bucket on the shelf. I incorporate "Have You Filled a Bucket Today" as part of my management in addition to the clip chart you see on the right. The kids get a fuzzy when every one is on green at the end of the day. When the bucket is full they will get the surprise inside the bag.
I use my closet doors as our word wall. We only put up MacMillan Treasure's high frequency words. Each unit is a different color.
I try to do a read aloud everyday. Then the following day the students vote whether or not they would recommend it to a friend.
Here is a picture of my teacher station. It has a document camera that projects to a BIG screen. I also have a laser printer, DVD player, VHS player, and my laptop also projects to the screen. I just love it!

Here are 3 of the 7 iMacs we have in our classroom. The kids use them daily for iStation (RTI program), starfall, and other programs. 

Please share pictures of your wonderful classrooms. Can't wait to see them!

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Hey All,

You must head over to the teacher wife. Not only does she have an AWESOME blog, she is also having a Barnes and Nobles give away. What are you still doing here....GO!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sites to Share

Here are some sites that I've come across or that others have shared with me that I thought were great and worthy of sharing with my cyber friends.

Color Mountain
(Free printout of great coloring pages and activity sheets.)

Mrs. Shehan's Family Projects

Weekly Reader Interactive Stories
(Interactive Biographies)

Fables from Aesop
(See animated fables)

Storyline Online
(An online streaming video program featuring SAG members reading children's books aloud)
(Talking picture books.)

All Kids Network 
(Kids Crafts, Kids Activities, Worksheets and More!)

Children's Books Forever
(Free Downloads of children's books.) 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Data Binders

There are many of you blogging friends who have shared your data binders. To tell you the truth I have been doing them as well, but didn't really have a "name" for it. I have 1 BIG binder with 20 tabs. So here is what you'll find in my "data binder."

1. Sight Word List Click here to download

2. Sight Word Test Click here to download 

3. MacMillan Treasure fluency assessments (sorry can't share as I did not create)

4. Saxon Math Recording Sheet (sorry can't share as I did not create)

This is what I've been keeping in my binder for the past 5-6 years or longer. I am hoping you can share what you put in yours. Looking for new ideas for next year!

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Family

Saw this on Journals From the Jungles and thought it was adorable.

My Stick Family from

A Little Random

So my pc died a few months ago and that was the only computer that was connected to our printer. The printer we had was SO old that I could not install it on my MAC or my husbands laptop. So this morning I went out and purchased this beauty!

I am so excited that it prints, scans, and copies. I just printed a picture and the quality is WONDERFUL! It is also wireless. I hate all those darn wires. The only thing I don't like is how BIG it is. But I can live with that. I just hope the hubby likes it too. He left it up to me. I hate purchasing things on my own. If something goes wrong, well then it will be MY!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Fur Babies

We got this cutie in 2001. My husband was dying for a car. But for some reason she really disliked him. Puma was my baby until my daughter was born. She decided to run away a few months ago. I was heart broken for a while. I didn't know if she was dead or alive. However, I got the good news last week that our neighbor has seen her around. I guess she found a new home.

In 2002 when we bought our house and my husband decided to rescue this crazy one from the shelter. She is CRAZY!!!! But we love her. We are not really sure how old Jersey is. They said she was about a year old when we rescued her, but she has WAY too much gray hair.

Then a couple of year ago, my husband (again!) decided that he wanted another dog. He came home with this cutie. Her name is Daisy and my little girl just adores her. They chase each other everywhere. When my husband first brought her home is was only 4 months old. Our dog Jersey treated her like her baby. It was the cutest thing. She usually sleeps on Jersey's back. They are best buddies.

Join the Linky party at Ladybug's Teacher Files

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some of My Favorite Things

So now that I am on vacation, I thought why not join the Linky Party at Fun In First Grade. So here goes:

1. My Family. I love my parents, hubby, and my little princess whose obsessed with everything Disney.

2. COFFEE! I need a cup every morning to function. I love to brew these two brands.

3. GigaTribe. Love all the great shares I get. 

4. MacBook. I do everything on my laptop (lesson plans, blogging, facebook, gradebook, etc)

5. Target. I would live there if I could. They always have great deals on school stuff in the dollar spot. 

6. Favorite Shows. I am hooked on these shows. I watch them when the little one is sleeping or spending time with daddy.
 7. Last but not least, my VACATION TIME! I am one of the lucky few that words 2 months and has 1 off. How great is that!?!