Saturday, March 19, 2011

Author Study

Ok. So this year I started an Author Study but it only lasted for a few months. After reading Debi's post about her Poetry Journal Scrapbook at Just 4 Teachers I was inspired to plan out an author study that correlates to Treasures Reading. The author chosen for Start Smart and Unit 2 do not correlate with Treasures. I didn't find an author in those two units that I thought I wanted to focus on. So for Start Smart, I chose David Shannon because we use his book "David Goes to School" to talk about rules. So it correlates with our Social Studies Unit. For Unit 2 I chose Leo Lionni because he is one of my favorites and I have tons of books by him.

Let's hope this link works. Author Schedule

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!! Downloaded the schedule. I will tweek it to match my Treasures! :-) Almost done with the poetry schedule. California and Texas have the same stories!! So they will be combined. I emailed you... I have a question about one of the stories. :)