Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Fur Babies

We got this cutie in 2001. My husband was dying for a car. But for some reason she really disliked him. Puma was my baby until my daughter was born. She decided to run away a few months ago. I was heart broken for a while. I didn't know if she was dead or alive. However, I got the good news last week that our neighbor has seen her around. I guess she found a new home.

In 2002 when we bought our house and my husband decided to rescue this crazy one from the shelter. She is CRAZY!!!! But we love her. We are not really sure how old Jersey is. They said she was about a year old when we rescued her, but she has WAY too much gray hair.

Then a couple of year ago, my husband (again!) decided that he wanted another dog. He came home with this cutie. Her name is Daisy and my little girl just adores her. They chase each other everywhere. When my husband first brought her home is was only 4 months old. Our dog Jersey treated her like her baby. It was the cutest thing. She usually sleeps on Jersey's back. They are best buddies.

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