Saturday, June 9, 2012

Open House 2011-2012

Hi All,

I'm finally able to share my classroom photos. So here is what my room looked during Open House at the end of May.

Here was my door.

We made these for Earth Day.

Our Astronauts to go with Treasures Unit 5.

Math project with "space" theme.

Scientist I found online. Also to go with Treasures. 

Writing about Benjamin Franklin. Unit 5 Treasures.

Flower water colors. This was done with our wonderful Art teacher. Then we wrote about flowers to go with our Science chapter.

Flower fact families.

Plant activity.

Habitats writing. 

Patriotic symbols. 

More math projects.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Dollar Tree Finds

Hello Friends!

Look at what I found! They are super cute, right?!?! Now my problem! What do I do with them....Any ideas?? They are large, about 13 inches tall.